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Well folks, it has been a crazy year and as a result, I have not had a lot of time for posting on my blog. WAY too much going on lately… Many of you have been wondering what I have been up to and so I wanted to give everyone an update about recent happenings.

This year I accepted two exciting, new roles:

Rocketbike Games Company


In May 2016, I was offered a chance to join a new startup called Rocketbike Games Company. “RBG” is a stealth mode gaming studio, located in Vienna, Austria. Our IP is creating virtual reality experiences that inspire imagination and creativity.

The company is made up of veterans of the games, movie, marketing and TV industries that have worked on everything from mobile games to AAA blockbuster franchises for some of the biggest studios and publishers in the world.

This fall, we pitched and secured funding to develop a prototype for a new virtual reality application which is currently in development. There are also additional projects going on behind the scenes that I can’t talk about yet, but when the time comes, I will let you know. For now, however, everything is still “hush hush”…

Join the Mailing List!

In the meantime check out the website and be sure to join the mailing list to receive updates when we have more news. We have some exciting and innovative new things to share soon, so be sure to keep checking in.

Update: Rocketbike Games has changed it’s name and is now called Rocketbike ARVR.



INSCALE which is located in Mainz, Germany is Europe’s leading agency for corporate PowerPoint presentations. Over the last 2 years they been building up a virtual reality team in order to position for the future when content consumption and presenting will be done in VR.

In June 2016, INSCALE‘s CEO Dominic Späth asked me to join the team as a Virtual Reality Consultant to head up their new VR department. I am in charge of strategy, AR/VR application development, 360° video production, new business, marketing and client relations.

In the past few months, since joining, we have released some exciting new applications and taken on some great new clients.

In October, in parallel to the annual Presentation Summit 2016 in Las Vegas, we launched 2 new AR/VR promotional apps: the INSCALE VR Presentation (iOS, Android) and the INSCALE AR Experience (iOS, Android)

We received some great feedback about the apps at the conference and definitely made a bold new step into redefining the future of presentations.

AR/VR Magazine


In summer of 2015, I launched AR/VR Magazine. In just one year, my little website has been growing like crazy and is now being considered as a leading virtual reality and augmented reality industry resource.

Since the launch, I have made lots of great connections and have been doing tons of media partnerships with several global AR/VR industry events. The website continues to grow beyond my expectations and has been a great tool for both promoting my own innitiatives, and more importantly, to give much needed attention to all the great companies and products that have been hitting the market like a firehose this year.

AR/VR is seriously exploding right now, so it is an amazing time to have jumped in with both feet running!

Need AR/VR?

If you are a company who is considering AR/VR related projects, looking to invest in some great opportunities, or needing exposure for your AR/VR related business, please get in touch. I have a lot of irons in the fire and would be happy to talk to you about the possiblities.