In addition to the million other interests I have, you might be surprised to learn that I do digital pin-up art. Over the past couple of years, my work has started to gain some recognition and recently, I was offered the opportunity to be featured in a new book called “The Contemporary Illustrated Pin-Up” by Schiffer Publishing.

The book features me, along with 14 other awesome contemporary pin-up artists including Armando Huerta, Steve Baier, Paul John Ballard, Matt Dixon, Dave Nestler & Sonia Roji, to name a few, and it was a real honor to be featured along with so many amazing artists.

I just received my copy and I must say, it looks super fabulous! If you are into pin-up art or are just looking for a sexy coffee table book, this is definitely one to get.

You can pick up your copy on Amazon
You can check out more of my pin-up art at: