Announcing booomVR!

Announcing booomVR!

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently joined a new startup called Rocketbike ARVR as CMO & Creative Director. Last fall we pitched and received funding from the Vienna AWS Impulse XS to build a functional prototype for our first VR concept, which I am excited to say, is now completed!

In February, we held a press event in Vienna to announce booomVR.

booomVR is a virtual reality web browser and content aggregation platform. It allows for easy browsing, organizing and sharing of 2D, 3D, stereoscopic and 360 VR content within the same user interface.

Business Model

booomVR is targeted towards brands & VR content providers who need a marketing platform to reach VR end users: (aka the current 1.5 Million VR headset owners) We provide them with a solution that can: increase visibilty, discoverablity, engagement & time spent on content. Plus we can be platform agnostic, so it will work on any headset.

Our primary revenue models are providing licensing and advertising solutions to brands, content providers & advertisers. This includes:

  • White Label Licensing – Basic, Power, Premium & Distributor Liscensing Packages for brands that want their own app, powered by our software
  • Licensing Branded Content Channels, Portals / Environments in the Main booomVR App, which we will be launching later in the year
  • Advertising Opportunities within the app.

Seeking Partnerships!

Over the last two months, since we went public, there has been a whirlwind of activity and interest, including our first whitelable partnership, which I will be announcing very soon.

We have currently entered closed alpha release for Oculus Rift, with a closed beta coming soon and our main app launching later in the year. In the meantime, we are having a lot of discussions with investors, content partners and brands for both the main app and white lable projects.

If you are interested in more info on booomVR or how you can get involved, please get in touch!

Follow Us!

Since i’m pretty busy these days and don’t have a lot of time for my personal blog, I encourage you to stay up to date on all the latest info on booomVR and Rocketbike ARVR via the links below and by joining our mailing lists.

Virtual Reality Experiments – Motorcycle Configurator App For Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality Experiments – Motorcycle Configurator App For Google Cardboard

I’ve been doing some experimenting with the Google Cardboard SDK for Unity and I wanted to share this little prototype iPhone app I have been working on. This is a demo virtual reality motorcycle configurator app that features a 3D model based on the 2014 Harley Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight. (One of my favorite bikes, ever.)

So far the app allows you to change colors, start the bike, see lights and hear sound. I’ll share more as the project progresses.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an official Harley Davidson project, I just needed a theme and I am a huge Harley Sportster fan.

Learning Unity, C# and Xcode has been slow going, as there is definitely a huge learning curve, but the process has been rewarding as well as a great introduction to building small VR applications.

As basic as it is, I really like working on VR apps for the phone, as opposed to the more involved projects using the Oculus DK2. Sure, Oculus apps look nice, but there is something about being able to just pull the phone out anywhere and let others experience things, as opposed to having to be tied to a PC and sitting in front of a chair, I think is really exciting.

Is this the Digital Art Market of the Future?

Is this the Digital Art Market of the Future?

In my writing and presentations, I reference a book quite a bit called “Who Owns the Future” by Jaron Lanier. In his book, he discusses the future, where he believes that because of the inevitable total automation by robots and artificial intelligence, the only work that will be available will be for people (much like creative entrepreneurs) who can earn an income of micro payments for sharing knowledge, offering services, and selling original content.

The biggest challenge to this theory is creating a digital infrastructure that can successfully track the usage and pays the original creators who own the rights to the content.

If what Lanier talks about is correct, here is a glimpse at what that digital art marketplace of the future could look like.

A Blockchain-centric Digital Art Market

There is a very cool video from technologist Chris Tse, where he talks about building a Blockchain-centric Digital Art Market. If you are not aware of what the blockchain is, he is basically proposing that we use the same infrastructure that verifies Bitcoin ownership, and attach it to digital art, or any other digital media for that matter, so that there is a verified owner for all digital media.

This would be a great opportunity for digital artists, musicians, writers or any other digital content creators. I think there could be a lot of potential in this and based on all that I have read about the future of technology and digital media, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see something similar in the near future.

Do You Accept Bitcoin for Your Art?

Speaking of the blockchain, do you accept Bitcoin for your art or other products & services?

Bitcoin has sort of lost it’s appeal over the past year, after peaking to outrageous valuations sometime in 2013, however there are still people who accept it in exchange for art.

Check out BitPremier where they sell rare, collectable art and luxury items like Ferraris and Rolexes for Bitcoin.

I wrote a blog post over on Digital Pinup Magazine when they were selling two original Olivia De Berardinis pin-up paintings. I would have totally bought them if I had the extra XBT laying around…

Personally, I dabbled a bit in Bitcoin and still have a few just to keep my hands on should they gain again in popularity. I traded some work for what was, at the time, $20 in Bitcoin and watched it grow in value to over $300. Pretty amazing to see. Now it’s at about $60 or something (I have to check).

If you are interested, you can learn more about Bitcoin over on Coindesk.

Interesting Times

Definitely something to keep an eye on and let me know what you think. Do you trade in bitcoin? What do you think of the blockchain? Does it have a future?

Cakeboy at the Blue Cafe Long Beach CA 1997

Cakeboy at the Blue Cafe Long Beach CA 1997

My good buddy, Bob Schallau, dug up this video of us playing with one of my old bands, Cakeboy, doing a show at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach, CA in 1997. Look at these youngsters!

Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Kristoff Ball
Lead Guitar: Sean Earley (moi)
Bass: Bob Schallau (Writer for
Drums: Sully O’Sullivan
MC: Ras-1 (Long Beach Dub Allstars, Long Beach Shortbus)

Playing for Cakeboy had a fringe benefit of free haircuts because Kristoff is a kick ass hair stylist who now owns the Kristoff Ball Salon in Beverly Hills.

The band was a side project for me after I moved to Long Beach. At the time I was playing with John Oszajca & working on a demo deal for Paradigm Records. John’s girlfriend at the time was a bartender and so the stipulation to get me to move to LBC was that I never had to pay for drinks.

Admittedly, as a result, my Long Beach days are all a drunken blur, so my memories come in small, strange, whiskey & tequila filled bursts. (My liver hurts just thinking about it) A year long hallucination of good and bad times that will never be forgotten.

How To Sell a Luxury Home in Colorado

How To Sell a Luxury Home in Colorado

Looking for More Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Luxury Real Estate Campaigns?  Maybe I can help.

Here is a sample of a real estate website and slideshow video, promoting a $3,000,000 luxury home in Stagecoach Colorado. The home was for sale by owner, who was having a hard time drawing attention to the property. Instead of relying solely on the real estate agent to find a buyer, the client contracted me to promote the home more directly.

Using various internet and direct marketing strategies, including design, copywriting, social networking, blogging, article submission and a video tour, we were able to target affluent buyers, local businesses and competing realtors.

These efforts achieved two things:

  1. The home sold within about 6 months time
  2. I can claim bragging rights for being the first guy to sell a Mansion on Twitter!

This experiement goes to prove that internet marketing isn’t just about selling ebooks and training courses. You can apply the same mechanics to sell pretty much anything as long as you have a proper strategy and the ROI is worth the effort.

Overall it was an exciting opportunity and an introduction to promoting real estate online. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing more projects like this in the future.