When I was young, I can remember having some sort of dream or daydream about where I would be when I got older.

From what I can remember, the picture in my head is just a scene of myself with a beautiful woman I was married to. We were walking hand and hand down a tree lined country lane, somewhere in Europe. It was autumn and I could clearly see the particles blowing around in the light of the sun, as it streaked through the trees. A dog ran by us and up the driveway to a beautiful stone country house with a red door and large arched windows. There was a red Karmann Ghia in the driveway, which is weird because I hate red cars and I hate old VW’s even more.

I’m not sure if I actually made this up or maybe I just saw an ad in some 70’s magazine with the photo, but the image still sticks with me and is crystal clear. Somehow I remember thinking, that’s me and this is where i’ll end up. When I think about what I did for a living, my first thought was an author, or a professor or maybe a scientist?

I write a lot about making plans and setting goals. My blog, for example,  plays a large part in achieving my goals, but I’ll admit that unfortunately it has suffered from a lack in focus for a long time now. It’s hard when you have so many scattered interests as I do, but at some point you have to stop the analysis paralysis and just focus.

Time to set a goal or set a dream and take action towards it.

New Direction

Ever since I published my first book, I knew I was addicted. The second I opened up the package, held my product in my hand and smelled the ink as I flipped through the pages of my first printed book, I knew that this was something I wanted to do a lot more of in my life.

Because of this new obsession, moving forward, I will be placing a lot of emphasis on self publishing. If it were a recipe, it would include a heavy dose of marketing, blogging, platforming, & strategy as well as a pinch of design, social media, motivation and optimization.

The goal of this new direction is to not only help me reach my goals of building a solid platform for my writing (in order to get my dream house and ugly red car…) but in the process, to use my knowledge of marketing and design to help authors, writers and other creative professionals, to adapt to this new digital world, to effectively sell their work and be successful at it.

In the process I hope to network with people who know way more than I do and learn from them, which I will also share here as well.

Be forewarned though. What I talk about may, at times, be a little shocking, abrasive or a little controversial. Based on my recent book, you can probably tell, i’m no saint, but my intentions are good and my opinions come from a whole lot of different experiences.

Talk to Me!

If self publishing is your thing as well, leave me a comment and say hello. tell me your goals and dreams. I would love to network.

I also would like to encourage you to join my mailing list located in the sidebar under my photo. You can also follow me on a slew of social networks, where I’ve been recently connecting with a lot of author types and talking shop and strategy.

Sean Earley

Sean Earley is an American digital consultant, podcast host, speaker, publisher & music producer. He advises Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and organizations on innovation, new technology, strategy, communications, marketing & design. He is the host of several podcasts and makes regular appearances on international media platforms where he discusses the latest trends in technology, culture, business and politics.