Innovation & Marketing Consultant, Publisher, Speaker, Musician and Artist

For over 20 years, I have been advising major brands, corporations, entertainers, artists and creative professionals on how to digitally transform their business with new technology, marketing & design to realize their potential, gain visibility in the digital space, reach their goals & increase their bottom line.

As a consultant, I understand that getting visibility for your brand or product can be challenging. As a publisher, I help my clients get that visibility by developing niche-targeted, industry-leading digital magazines, platforms and promotional channels that focus on innovation, technology, marketing, business, art and culture.

I also like guitars, virtual reality, coffee and making cool stuff.


I publish a series of niche-targeted, brand channels, products & services which focus on spreading innovative & unconventional ideas that intersect business, technology, art & culture.

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For over 20 years, I have been advising major corporations on innovation, tech, marketing, augmented and virtual reality, automotive, connected products, UX, IA, CX, growth hacking and strategy,

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I grew up in Seattle and have have played guitar for several bands. I have performed on TV, radio, recorded, produced, toured, opened for major acts and shared the stage with a cornucopia of amazing musicians, including a memorable performance at Woodstock 99 (Riot Day)



In my spare time, I create digital pin-up art. I have been featured in a number of books, licensed products and even produced a popular selling video course on how I do it. (A new course is currently in the works!)

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