All apologies for not posting much lately and the lack of activity on the social networks. After much thought and soul searching, as well as a very demanding new job, I had to make the decision to put off quite a few projects that I was working on and return down to the laboratory for some experimenting.

For one, this means that the Twitter book has been put off indefinitely in order to make more room for some much more important projects.

There are things in this world that demand way more focus than just simple shallow marketing and social media blah blah, and I feel my talents and energy would be better spent in better places, so consider this a little warning of an eventual shift in focus towards something much bigger, much different and hopefully much more impactful on many levels.

Two hints at things to come:

Mecha (derived from mechanism)
1. a term to describe a large robot usually humanoid; or in the original Japanese definition, machinery in general.



1. of, relating to, or characterized by philanthropy : humanitarian
2. dispensing or receiving aid from funds set aside for humanitarian purposes

I will see you very soon.


Sean Earley

Sean Earley is an American digital consultant, podcast host, speaker, publisher & music producer. He advises Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and organizations on innovation, new technology, strategy, communications, marketing & design. He is the host of several podcasts and makes regular appearances on international media platforms where he discusses the latest trends in technology, culture, business and politics.