My good buddy, Bob Schallau, dug up this video of us playing with one of my old bands, Cakeboy, doing a show at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach, CA in 1997. Look at these youngsters!

Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Kristoff Ball
Lead Guitar: Sean Earley (moi)
Bass: Bob Schallau (Writer for
Drums: Sully O’Sullivan
MC: Ras-1 (Long Beach Dub Allstars, Long Beach Shortbus)

Playing for Cakeboy had a fringe benefit of free haircuts because Kristoff is a kick ass hair stylist who now owns the Kristoff Ball Salon in Beverly Hills.

The band was a side project for me after I moved to Long Beach. At the time I was playing with John Oszajca & working on a demo deal for Paradigm Records. John’s girlfriend at the time was a bartender and so the stipulation to get me to move to from Seattle to LBC was that I never had to pay for drinks.

Admittedly, as a result, my Long Beach days are all a drunken blur, so my memories come in small, strange, whiskey & tequila filled bursts. (My liver hurts just thinking about it)

A year long hallucination of good and bad times that will never be forgotten.

Sean Earley

Sean Earley is an American digital consultant, podcast host, speaker, publisher & music producer. He advises Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and organizations on innovation, new technology, strategy, communications, marketing & design. He is the host of several podcasts and makes regular appearances on international media platforms where he discusses the latest trends in technology, culture, business and politics.