Announcing booomVR!

Announcing booomVR!

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently joined a new startup called Rocketbike ARVR as CMO & Creative Director. Last fall we pitched and received funding from the Vienna AWS Impulse XS to build a functional prototype for our first VR concept, which I am excited to say, is now completed!

In February, we held a press event in Vienna to announce booomVR.

booomVR is a virtual reality web browser and content aggregation platform. It allows for easy browsing, organizing and sharing of 2D, 3D, stereoscopic and 360 VR content within the same user interface.

Business Model

booomVR is targeted towards brands & VR content providers who need a marketing platform to reach VR end users: (aka the current 1.5 Million VR headset owners) We provide them with a solution that can: increase visibilty, discoverablity, engagement & time spent on content. Plus we can be platform agnostic, so it will work on any headset.

Our primary revenue models are providing licensing and advertising solutions to brands, content providers & advertisers. This includes:

  • White Label Licensing – Basic, Power, Premium & Distributor Liscensing Packages for brands that want their own app, powered by our software
  • Licensing Branded Content Channels, Portals / Environments in the Main booomVR App, which we will be launching later in the year
  • Advertising Opportunities within the app.

Seeking Partnerships!

Over the last two months, since we went public, there has been a whirlwind of activity and interest, including our first whitelable partnership, which I will be announcing very soon.

We have currently entered closed alpha release for Oculus Rift, with a closed beta coming soon and our main app launching later in the year. In the meantime, we are having a lot of discussions with investors, content partners and brands for both the main app and white lable projects.

If you are interested in more info on booomVR or how you can get involved, please get in touch!

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Since i’m pretty busy these days and don’t have a lot of time for my personal blog, I encourage you to stay up to date on all the latest info on booomVR and Rocketbike ARVR via the links below and by joining our mailing lists.

Promoting Your Art on Instagram: #Hashtag Power Tips

Promoting Your Art on Instagram: #Hashtag Power Tips

I did a little experiment yesterday using some strategically targeted hashtags to promote my art on Instagram.

How did it work out? Lets just say the results were instant and dramatic.

BTW, If you are not using Instagram yet to promote your art, you should jump on it! As you will see below, including some strategic #hashtags to your Instagram posts is where the real promotional power is at.

Normally, I would just add two or three hashtags as an afterthought just to get the images positioned and seen. Since my work is primarily pin-up, I would use: #pinup #pinupart #vintage & #retro but would normally stop there. Just by doing so, I would get a couple likes and followers. First, a few immediately, then one or two a week as the exposure trailed off. Nothing spectacular, but they worked ok.

After reading a post over on Art Marketing Resources, I decided to take their advice on using some popular artist related hashtags and put them to the test.

#Hashtag Power

Obviously, you can add whatever hashtags you want, however, the ones that primarily interested me were hashtags related to lists where art buyers might be regularly and casually browsing. In particular, hashtags that are related to buyers who might be looking for ideas for decorating their homes, and more importantly might be inspired to see and purchase art prints.

This was the real “AH HA!” moment.

The strategy behind this is targeting hashtags based on where the BUYERS are, not just the artists or fans. My feeling on this is also that you want to use hashtags for lists where people really do want to browse for inspiration, not just random related hashtags that people add to posts to be funny.

Interesting Hashtags for Art Buyers:

Here are some of the hashtags I used:

#homedecor #interiordesign #architecture #realestate #decorating #fashion #officedecor #style #auction #investment

I also added a few of the more popular general hashtags that were related to pinup art. These are also topics where I am sure people browse on a regular basis:

#girls #babes #love #hotties #redheads #lingerie #rockabilly


Within a 24 hour period of adding these, I received 92 likes, 7 new followers and 2 mailing list signups. This was all done by updating old art posts with more hashtags. As I type this 2 days later, my Instagram notifications are still going off.


You can experiment by either adding all hashtags at once for the “big bang” effect, or try adding a couple each week to stretch out the duration. Not sure yet which approach is best but, so far, the second option seems to be working well. It also makes it more manageable to keep posts visible during peak Instagram usage times. (Still researching and experimenting with what the peak usage times actually are)

I’m going to continue to experiment and I’ll be sure to post more results as they happen.

Do you have any favorite power hashtags? If so, feel free to share.

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Business Punk Magazine

Business Punk Magazine

I am always on the lookout for new ideas and niches and magazine stands are one of the BEST places to discover new things.

I love magazines. They are nice little bundles of targeted demographics and are full of even more targeted advertising for products within those niches.

One of my most favorite things to do is go to a magazine stand and browse strange, random publications. Ever since moving to Germany, I realized that I don’t allow myself that little indulgence quite as much as I did back in the “States” plus since English magazines sold here are outrageously priced, I don’t buy too many.

It’s too bad too because they have all KINDS of crazy new stuff to discover here and it turns out one of my new favorite magazines in the world right now was right under my nose all this time in the form of a new German publication called: Business Punk.

I guess targeted to higher income hipster German men who… like to wear Rolexes, make good money, but still skate to work?

I don’t know, but I like it. Kind of a mish-mash of Forbes, Maxim and Wired all munged together in a nice, edgy package with some pretty decent hipster-ish,-businessy articles.

How’s that for a demographic for ya though? Business Punk. Two words I would never have thought to naturally link together until now, but for some reason, doesn’t seem really too far fetched anymore. It got me thinking though, what other kinds of interesting niches are waiting for me in this new, foreign, magazine wonderland?

I’ll have to explore and will share what I come up with.

But back to the magazine though, it’s actually funny because after I picked up my copy, I had it sitting on my desk and a coworker walked by and said “oh yeah, I know that magazine. Weird, you’re kind of like the perfect target demographic for that.”

Strange, considering i’m 40 and never once considered myself a punk (although i was a skater in high school)

My question is: Is this age demographic right? Business Punk claims to be targeted to men aged 25-39, but the punk movement started in the early to mid 70’s so is it actually off?

Or is it more like, old punk new punk?

Or is it so not punk it’s really punk, or is it really not punk, or is it?

I’m confused… but I still like the magazine.

But then again, isn’t to like something really not punk? Or is to admit that you like something these days so rebellious that it’s actually the new punk. Again, i’m confused…

Anyway… you can check out Business Punk for yourself on their website or on their Facebook page.

What are your thoughts on this demographic?
Love it, Hate it?
Leave a comment and let me know.