AT&T – Cingular Wireless MEdia Net

AT&T – Cingular Wireless MEdia Net

From 2005 to 2007 I worked as a Senior Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer and Art Directior for Cingular / AT&T Mobile Browser Division, developing content deliverables for wireless (WAP) applications, print and web marketing material and assets for 3rd party content providers. The main focus was to developing and publishing content for the MEdia Net WAP portal.

It was quite an interesting position to be developing web graphics for mobile phones, which, at that time had never been done before, so every project was an experimental journey in to the unknown. Lots of trial and error, user testing and optimization to squeeze a much pay content as possible into a multitude of very unpredictable WAP browsers.


When Cingular wireless merged over to AT&T, I was responsible for rebranding of the MEdia Net and Cingular Video mobile portals. The goal was not only to rebrand, but to optimize the experience by removing unnecessary graphics to increasing speed and load time. It was actually pretty challenging finding an “AT&T Blue” that was true to the brand and worked across all handsets and screen resolutions without looking either too baby blue or purple.


MEdia Net had several mini portals for promoting various sports & entertainment brands.


Above: NCAA Final Four – March Madness, World Cup Soccer 2006, and Winter Olympics 2006 sports portals. Below Pussycat Dolls, Daddy Yankee & Chris Brown.




Cingular Video Redesign


In Store Laminate

A laminated, in store customer tutorial manual for the MEdia Net portal.