Amazon Kindle 2 Review

Amazon Kindle 2 Review

My wife bought me an Amazon Kindle (Amazon affiliate link) ebook reader for my 40th Birthday and I spent the last week getting used to it, so I decided to share a few thoughts.


My main reason for wanting a Kindle is due to the fact that I live in Germany and being a huge non fiction reader, and since the English sections in the book stores here are small and mostly just filled with the latest best seller, crap fiction, I am pretty much always starved for decent non fiction (in English) beyond the internet.

Since the Kindle global wireless version offers immediate, free mobile access to the entire English based Amazon Store (anywhere in the world) pretty much anything I want in kindle format (books, magazines, newspapers) are usually one click and 30seconds away (depending on my wireless connection quality)

Another reason I wanted a Kindle is because (as anyone involved in internet marketing would attest to) you end up reading a ton of ebooks and pdf’s.  If you ever tried to spend the evening reading one on your glowing laptop screen, after about 20 pages, your eyes are burnt.  My wife and I also like to read in bed and the thought of nestling up next to my glowing hot laptop for a good read before slipping off to sleep is not so comfortable.

Since the Kindle is thin, lightweight and has that fancy digital ink screen, reading is much easier on the eyes and hands. (more…)