I hold in my hand a Military Challenge Coin that belonged to my father. It was given to him by the man who is featured on the coin, Sgt. Chuck Taliano, who was a drill instructor made famous by the “We don’t promise you a rose garden.” Marine Corps recruiting posters printed during the 1970s and 1980s.


Mr Taliano served together with my father in the Marine Corps and was one of the very few men my father truly called his friend. Both he and my father passed away this past year.

Challenge coins are usually given to service members to commemorate special occasions both public and private, and as a sign of good luck.

I carry this coin in my pocket as a small reminder of my father and all the good things he taught me. It serves as a symbol of strength, hard work, the challenges that i face, of the promises I must keep, of the goals I must achieve, of the decisions I must make, and the ones I should never make.


There is a great quote by Zig Ziglar that says:

“People say that motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

I think it is important for everyone to have some sort of daily reminder. Something to keep you in check and on track. Something powerful and personal and symbolic that not only motivates you, but helps you motivate others to do the same.

What serves as your reminder? What helps to keep you on track on a regular basis?

Semper Fi, Dad! We love you.

Sean Earley

Sean Earley is an American digital consultant, podcast host, speaker, publisher & music producer. He advises Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and organizations on innovation, new technology, strategy, communications, marketing & design. He is the host of several podcasts and makes regular appearances on international media platforms where he discusses the latest trends in technology, culture, business and politics.