This week, I noticed quite a few of my social connections posting images of themselves that were created using a filter effect from a new, controversial app called New Profile Pic.

A quick google search turned up some interesting articles claiming that the app was possibly using personal data for questionable reasons. Some articles also claimed that app was based in Russia and was sending your biometric data to the Kremlin! Oh my!

So what is true and what is false? Good question. Sometimes the answer is unclear and we have to rely on our own research and intuition.

In today’s podcast, I talk about the New Profile Pic app. Is it safe to use or not? I also talk about how facial recognition and biometric data are being used by Russia and China, and I share some tips about doing more effective & objective research online.

Side Note: Full disclosure, Yes, I used my “filtered image” in the blog post header graphic because my photo had already been edited and entered into the system by someone else, so at this point, “that horse has already left the corral,” if you know what I mean. Otherwise, I would have never used it.

Show Notes:

Note: Some of these articles in the notes below could be possibly construed as borderline propaganda, but I thought it important to share just for context.

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