Are you a digital artist trying to transition from doing art as a hobby to growing it into a full-time business? In today’s episode of the “Sean Earley Podcast,” I talk about monetization strategies for digital artists as well as my own experience with how I grew my digital art blog, Digital Girlies, into a successful full-time income.

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How I was able to monetize:

  • I used social media (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) to grow a following.
  • I posted my art on DeviantArt and Renderosity, where I was able to network with other artists and 3D product designers. It also gave me exposure to publishing companies, which eventually led to being published in some reputable pinup art books.
  • I set my commission prices high, out of the gate, to differentiate myself from other 3D artists and appeal to a luxury crowd.
  • I targeted affluent and luxury keywords on social media to appeal to clients who would be willing to pay higher commissions for custom artwork.
  • I set up a WordPress blog as my main portfolio site and used the blog posts to talk about my creative process and share product links.
  • I created an online video course which I sold for between $25 to $50
  • I added a newsletter function and offered a free preview of the video course as an incentive to join my mailing list.
  • I added various affiliate program links in order to create additional income without needing to rely on commissions as the main source of revenue.
  • I made myself available for licensing in order to get my work featured on physical products.
  • I used a strategic approach to adding my art to print-on-demand platforms such as Zazzle.
  • I started a separate magazine-style website where I share the works of other digital pinup artists. This increased my exposure to the industry as well as more potential fans and commission clients.
  • I respun my artwork into a book cover design business, where I sold completed book cover templates to authors.

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