In today’s podcast, I talk about the print-on-demand platform Zazzle. More specifically, “What sells on Zazzle?”

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Print-on-demand platforms such as Zazzle are great ways to monetize your digital art business. They allow you to upload your art and sell merchandise without having to order an upfront inventory.

Unfortunately, these platforms are highly competitive marketplaces with TONS of different artists and print-on-demand products, so actually making sales can be challenging. The key is determining what products actually do sell and why in order to take a more effective strategic approach to selling your art.

In 2015, I took a pretty extensive deep dive into trying to determine what actually does sell on Zazzle and I wrote a blog post about it. In Episode #6 of the “Sean Earley Podcast” I take a fresh look to compare if the same things that were popular 6 years ago still apply today.

What I found out might surprise you! If you are looking for more strategic ways to sell your art on Zazzle, you will definitely want to check out this episode!

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Show Notes

  • To read the original blog post: Click Here
  • Create and Sell your art on Zazzle:
  • Mangools is a keyword research tool that I use to deep dive into researching how to market my businesses, identify new product niches, explore new opportunities for targeting new clients and to generally discover new trends and ideas. The more you know about where your customers hang out, what they are interested in and what they purchase, the better you can be at positioning yourself and selling your products and services to them. I really like the Mangools user interface. It is easy to use and most importantly, easy to discover new, hidden opportunities.
  • Google Trends
  • Start your own WordPress art portfolio blog

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