In about 2004 or so, I designed the website for Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks. (She had that hit song “Bitch” in 1997) I didn’t have much interaction with Meridith in person over the details, but she liked it and I am grateful for her management for giving me the project.

At that time, it was pretty slick considering we didn’t have WordPress or any other fancy blogging software or social media, at least that I was aware of. It was hand coded, had a flash gallery and music player and I received a lot of praise and design gigs from it.


Around the same time, I also did some graphic design for her album “Shine”. The cover art was done by Marty Rosamond and then the back cover and insert were done by me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the original files anymore, but I am in the album credits 🙂