I am excited to finally announce the launch of a new channel I have been quietly working on called Prepped Magazine –  a resource for prepping, EDC, outdoor gear, homesteading, survival & self-sufficiency.

As founder and executive editor, I will be discussing insights, gear, product reviews, business, marketing, events and promotional topics related to the lifestyle of every day carry and a general state of being prepared.

Some might find this a surprising turn of subject matter for me, however, I have always had a healthy interest in every day carry (EDC), tactical gear, outdoor gear, camping gear, bags, backpacks, multitools and topics regarding, gardening, farming and urban agriculture.

As a person whose job it is to study technology, trends, patterns and media, I also have very serious concerns for the state of the world and our future, so I believe that everyone, not just the stereotypical survivalist types could use a useful, professionally written resource for learning to be prepared for whatever dangers the world can bring.

If you find this topic interesting, run a related business or event and would like to network, write, share your press releases or advertising, feel free to check out the website or give us a follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Since launch, we have been growing our reach very quickly, so I think you will find this an interesting opportunity as well as a great resource!

Learn more at: http://www.preppedmagazine.com