Stephen Roger Earley, (aka Donut Man) 66, passed away on Oct. 1, 2010 at St. Rose Hospital in Henderson Nevada in the company of his family.

He was born on Dec 30, 1944 in Warren, Ohio

  • He was a Vietnam Veteran in the 3rd Marine Corps Battalion
  • He was a grade school teacher
  • He was a counselor to the developmentally disabled
  • He was a baker of fine pies
  • He was a long range toboggan pilot
  • He was a master at the fine art of invective vituperation
  • He administered CPR and saved the life of a small child
  • He was a father, a husband and a brother.

He is survived by his children, Sean, Emma, Connor and Madissen, his wife Ruth and his ex wife Patricia.

A private cremation will be held at Davis Funeral Home in Las Vegas and services will be held at Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City at a later date in the spring of 2011.

For information as to when this service will be held, feel free to contact the family directly.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to either the Disabled American Veterans or to help in the support of his 12 and 14 year old children.

Sean Earley

Sean Earley is an American digital consultant, podcast host, speaker, publisher & music producer. He advises Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and organizations on innovation, new technology, strategy, communications, marketing & design. He is the host of several podcasts and makes regular appearances on international media platforms where he discusses the latest trends in technology, culture, business and politics.