According to the amazingly awesome, you can see the tag cloud for the top words from all of my blog posts.

New Book

Interestingly enough, it seems to run parallel to a new book project I started writing earlier last year, which is a motivational, self development book (name still yet to be determined) based primarily around goal setting and making plans.

The book has been slowly taking shape in various chunks in Evernote (my trusty companion) as I feel the inspiration, and something tells me that I should get back on it.
It’s a SIGN I tell you!!! I guess I better get moving.

Thank you Wordle for kicking my ass!

Help Me Name My Book!

If YOU were going to write a book on setting goals and making plans, what would you call it?

I am having a terrible time coming up with a title, so here is your chance to be the superstar and tell me what I should name my book?

Leave a comment and let me know.