Here is a screen capture for the first level of a Facebook game called “Fragrant Flowers” that I helped develop while at Razorfish for Unilever’s Drive/Rinso/Surf laundry detergent. (It is called Surf in the UK and Asia and Rinso in Turkey)

The goal of the game is to grow a virtual flower. A different flower every week, for 6 weeks. Each flower is representative of the different fragrances of laundry detergent. The player has to water the flower, talk to it and protect it from different types of weather.

This version, which runs for 6 weeks, was launched in Argentina and the text is in Spanish. My role was user experience consultant, information architect, project manager, I created the game design document, the wireframes and coordinated the audio recording for sound FX.

The project had a very short launch window, a small budget and skeleton crew, so I think the team did an awesome job.